Generalized theory of electrical machines provides a common framework for studying, modelling, simulating and understanding the behavior of all electrical machines. In this theory, by using Kron’s primitive hypothesis machine we can simulate all kind of machines. This model is a dependent model to the reference frame that will be selected for studies. Different reference frames can be chosen depending to case. For example, stationary or moving common frames (with different speeds) are common . Here i introduce 8 video lectures for reviewing the generalized theory of electrical machines. The lecturer is Professor S.P.Das from Indian institute of technology Kanppur.

Lecture 1 : Introduction

 Lecture 2 : Kron’s Primitive Machine

Lecture 3 : Modelling of Dc Machines

Lecture 4 :  Modelling of Induction Machines in ABC model

Lecture 5 : Transformation from ABC to dqo

Lecture 6 : Modelling of Induction Machines in dqo model and reference frame theory

Lecture 7 : Modelling of Synchronous Machines (1)

Lecture 8 : Modelling of Synchronous Machines (2)